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When life gives us lemons......
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I'm not really a bios fan, so I wrote an interview with myself instead.

Hi, Rox.
Hey, Roxi.

How are you today?
I'm ok. I want to do 7 things at once, as usual, and I have no idea which one to start with, as usual.
But it's good to have different passions and interests.
Yeah, I think so too.

Anything you can't stand in a person?
Hypocrisy. Look, I'm a radical anti-smoker, but if you're a smoker and you tell me that I shouldn't smoke, I hate you.
Sounds good to me. Anything you look for in people that you wanna spend time with?
Sarcasm, honesty, passion and good taste in music.

Any weird habits? For instance, I talk to myself a lot.
I talk to myself, too! Oh my God, we have that in common. I also sit on the floor pretty often. And I find it comfortable.
Other than that, I'm the young nut-jot who doesn't see the charm of night clubs and Facebook. I’m very passionate about music, but if I'm going somewhere to listen to it, I want a band in front of me. It's an entirely different experience (a much, much better one). As for Facebook, I just find it boring.

You mentioned God. Where do you stand on religion?
I'm a Christian, but I'm not religious. I kinda like believing that there's some type of force, maybe similar to the force of gravity, except it does something we don't yet understand. But I definitely don't believe in any God that any religion describes. "Theories" that say there was nothing and then suddenly there appeared a little white dot that created the universe, Jesus flying, or the existence of entities that control water, thunder, time, hell and whatever else – they just sound like lies to me.
I do love Christmas, thought. Christmas decorations and Santa Claus movies always give me a warm, fuzzy feeling. So, yeah, basically all the pagan reasons : )

So, aliens then?
You know, I'm not entirely sold on that one either. At least I don't think they're anything like we imagine them to be. But considering how big of a place the universe is, I still find aliens a lot more believable than any piece of religious folklore.
Besides, when someone's selling me human-looking mice from Mars or anthropomorphic bugs from a nonexistant planet, they're selling them to me as fiction, not as real life events that are clearly lies. It might sound ridiculous, but this actually encourages me to keep an open mind.

Do you collect anything?
Umm…I don't know. Jewelry if anything. I don't care much about clothes or shoes, but I do have a very serious weakness for jewelry, especially long earrings and snake themed pieces.

Do you cry a lot?
No. I only cry at cartoons, during those dramatized or dramatic-sweet scenes with swelling music.
Those are horrible to watch.
I know!
Oh, and there are also certain TV shows that crushed my soul a few times and scattered its pieces across 2 different universes. Thanks for that writers, I needed more depression in my life. Maybe I just empathize too much with my favorite fictional characters. Hmm…
But I also love a good decapitation [grins]. Or a creative death scene. I'm a horror manic at heart.

I happen to know you have a dog and a cat in real life. Who are your favorite cartoon canines and felines?
My favorite cartoon dog is Charlie from All Dogs Go To Heaven. I can't believe I like him more than Scooby-Doo, but that's still how I feel. And my favorite cartoon cat is Top Cat.

Last question. What's annoyed you lately?
This was actually a while ago, but it stuck with me. I read an interview with an actress that said a director once asked her to be angry, but not too angry because she's a girl, so she has to be sexy-angry. What the hell is sexy-angry?
Hey, guys.

Since Westworld Season 1 is coming to an end, I have a couple of Wyatt theories I’d like to share. I know a popular one is that Wyatt is Dolores, and I’d totally be on board with that one if it turned out to be true, but I also have a couple of other candidates I want to throw in there:

1) Wyatt is Teddy. There’s something off about the way Teddy remembers the massacre. It feels like there’s a piece of information he’s programmed to misremember or not remember at all just yet, something that will recontextualize the event once he does remember it. If he were human, I’d say he’s having repressed memories.

Felix did mention that hosts remember past experiences in perfect detail, but if Ford’s reveries are meant to make hosts even more human, shouldn’t that include flaws? Humans aren’t perfect, our brains don’t always work the way we want them to, and they’re quite fragile.

We also know that Teddy’s backstory includes him doing something horrible and feeling bad / needing to make up for it, so I’d say that murdering a bunch of people or hosts pretty much covers those feelings. 

As for Dolores having the same flashbacks as him, maybe she was also there and she’s the one who stopped him. Threatening to take her own life (or actually pulling the trigger) should theoretically get Teddy’s attention since he’s programmed to care about her. 

I haven’t rewatched episode 8, but I’m pretty sure we never see Dolores pointing the gun at someone else, just at herself. Granted, it could just be an editing choice meant to hide that from us a little longer, but it could also be a hint that she’s not the one murdering everyone.

2) Assuming that William and The Man In Black are the same person, maybe Ford built Wyatt to look and act like the younger version of the character, like Jimmi Simpson. We know from the table scene in episode 5 that Ford and The Man In Black don’t like each other and that The Man In Black is looking for a worthy adversary. On one hand that could be Dolores, but on the other, who knows you better than you know yourself? 

It would also be a good opportunity for Ford to go “Hey look, I built another you. A better one”. This version of William / Man In Black would never get old, never get sick, and he’d be smarter and stronger than any human can ever aspire to be. It would be a good way for Ford to taunt him.

In my opinion, if this turns out to be true, the confrontation between Wyatt and The Man In Black would be a really cool concept and visual, and it would also be a clever way of paying homage to the movie. I haven’t seen the movie, but I know that The Man In Black is a host in the movie, so this would be a way of doing that and not doing that at the same time. It’s both and neither and I love it.

Wyatt, maybe by xrgrjhhb
Is this Wyatt? What do you think?


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